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TESA Directive Mission

 “Be the one that creates the box”

We strive to drive success for our clients and training. By combining industry-leading education and knowledge, to develop efficient and effective training solutions that keep industry professionals and businesses one-step ahead.

TESA Directive strive to pass on this knowledge so you can maximise your potential and motivate you to be the one to create the box.


TESA Directive was established, to fulfil a need within the cleaning and restoration industry for high calibre job-ready training. To ignite a passion for new forms of learning, ensuring our clients walk away with an extraordinary experience through education.

Drawing on industry knowledge and expertise from all sectors of; Building, Air Quality Control, Occupational Hygienist, Biological, Specialised & Commercial Cleaning & Restoration Industries, places us in the unique position to offer a wide range of training solutions to meet the ever-changing industry needs.

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