TESA Directive Private Training

For companies who have a team they are wanting to be trained all at once, it is often beneficial to run Private Training. This means that TESA Directive runs the course for your team exclusively. Depending on your preference, we are able to come to you and utilise your venue or you are welcome to come to the TESA Directive training facilities and have your course held here.

TESA Directive has a broad range of training courses that have been specifically developed for the industry. Some of these courses are IICRC approved training courses, while others are courses that TESA Directive have developed that do not have an existing certification attached to them, but assist businesses meet the needs of their customers.

There are several benefits to a Private Training Course, some of these include:

  1. The training can be multi-beneficial. While obtaining the knowledge of the course you are also able to utilise the training as a team building session.

  2. TESA Directive can customise the training to meet your needs. We work with you and your team to establish training goals and any knowledge gaps to ensure that these goals are met through the training provided.

  3. TESA Directive can use your equipment and chemicals for the training. We are not training your team to use generic products or another companies product. Your team gain valuable experience and an understanding of the chemicals and equipment that you have already invested in.

  4. Training can be conducted at a time and date that suits you. TESA Directive is able to run training any day of the week – 7 days a week. If a particular day suits you better, TESA Directive will do our best to accommodate these requests.

Should there be a more suitable training option available, the TESA Directive team will always highlight this to you to ensure that the best possible learning outcome is achieved.

You can contact the TESA Directive team by email, phone 1300 192 968, or fill out our contact us form, so that we help you meet your business needs!