IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician Course

Red and orange fire flames on black background

Our IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician Course provides students with the training and knowledge they required to successfully perform their role to the highest level of industry standards. By completing this course you will obtain IICRC accreditation.

Fire damage occurs on a regular basis. Are you equipped to deliver these services? Cleaning up the effects is not always straight forward.

This course will teach you how to handle multiple situations. From assessing if a property is structurally sound through to works being carried out safely. Some materials may have been damaged beyond repair while others may only require cleaning.

Additional complications can include water damage due to any fire-fighting efforts or dealing with occupants who have experienced a high level of stress.

This course will give you a greater understanding of the restoration process, as well as gaining hands-on experience. You will walk out able to provide a scientific explanation of what, how and why to help you make onsite decisions.

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The IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course (FSRT) is great for people starting out as a restoration technician, or those already completing fire and smoke restoration work. This course gives you a great understanding of fire and smoke restoration and best practice procedures for completing jobs. All materials taught in the IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course are in line with the industry best practice. 

The FSRT course will give residential and commercial maintenance personnel the foundation knowledge needed to understand the procedures necessary to deal with fire and smoke damaged properties, covering the following topics:

  • The principals of fire & smoke damage
  • How to restore a property to its pre-loss condition
  • Understanding how fire, smoke and soot affect different building materials and contents items
  • Techniques for handling smoke damaged structures
  • Techniques for handling contents items
  • Understanding the principles of odour and how to manage odour specifically as it relates to a fire and smoke affected properties
  • Techniques for handling odour of building materials and contents
  • Management of staff, project and adjuster relationships
  • Documentation
  • Role of HVAC Cleaning
  • Hands-on aspects of the course will take you through how to restore and deodorise contents & structural damage, how to deal with soot residue, and the different restoration techniques including ultrasonics, ozone and HVAC cleaning.
  • Customer communication

On completion of the IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician Course, you will have the confidence to talk to customers about fire and smoke restoration and how to handle any project professionally. 

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