IICRC Odour Control Technician Course

Clouds of smoke

Our IICRC Odour Control Technician Course provides students with the training and knowledge they required to successfully perform their role to the highest level of industry standards. By completing this course you will obtain IICRC accreditation.

A fairly consistent aspect of most remediation processes is odour. Trauma & Crime Scene, Mould, and Fire events all have very distinct and pervasive odours associated with them.  It is important to not only understand how each of these odours occur, but also what they can tell you about the job and how to best remove them.

Odour is an evocative sense; the slightest smell can recall a memory thought long forgotten.  However, this works both ways as they can be both positive or negative remembrances. Odour can easily become a detrimental force in the process for the occupants owner. An odour can evoke negative emotions associated with the job and immediately put occupants off side even when debate is not warranted.

Understanding how to best remove associated odours will ensure that negative impact on properties is not a problem and that customers can be left happy.

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The IICRC Odour Control Technician Course (OCT) addresses the cause of odours from; biological sources, such as decomposition, urine contamination, and mould, from combustion sources, such as fire and smoke damage, and from chemical sources, such as fuel, oil spills or volatile organic chemicals.

  • Learn about olfaction and what may form the odours
  • Gain an understanding of odour sources
  • Learn the identification and detection process
  • Understand the theory of odour control
  • Know your equipment and how to use it
  • Learn the chemical options and applications.

It doesn’t matter how clean your clients properties are, most people come up against issues with odour in their home at one time or another. By offering odour control as an additional service could be instrumental to your customers.

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