Meet Our Instructors

Our TESA Directive & IICRC instructors deliver first-class, innovative and modern training programs. We have partnered with some of the best instructors in the industry, utilising their extensive knowledge and experience. All of our instructors share our passion for education and providing our students with an enjoyable yet informative and insightful learning experience.

Meet Our Instructors

Darryl Binch

Leather Cleaning & Recognition | Leather Repairs & Re-Colouring

Darryl has an extensive background in leather repairs, products and manufacturing spanning over 30 years.

His career in the industry began in 1987 when he learnt the art of leather and vinyl repairs and began a business which was aptly named the Leather Doctor. Since it’s conception The Leather Doctor has gained international recognition.

In 2010, after many successful years of business, The Leather Doctor was sold to a Queensland based business.

Since the sale of his business Darryl has expanded his network globally, partnering with the Stahl Group and developing specialised products and entire systems to support leather technicians.

Acutely aware that leather can be found in almost every commercial building and every second home in Australia, Darryl has managed to enjoy a long and fruitful career in the leather industry and is keen to share his knowledge with students.

Passionate about this subject matter Darryl will assist his students in tapping into this unique market by arming them with the correct knowledge and techniques so they can enjoy a rewarding career in what can be seen as a very niche market.

Whether it is leather colouring, burn marks, tears, scuffs, cleaning, conditioning or leather recognition Darryl covers each topic in detail to ensure you as the student receive the most out of your training and walk away confident you can tackle the market with a sound knowledge base to begin your journey into leather.

TESA Directive look forward to Darryl instructing our Leather Cleaning and Recognition courses as well as the extremely hands-on Leather Repair and Recolouring courses.

Meet Our Instructors

Chuck Boutall

Water Restoration | Commercial Drying Specialist

After selling the successful Air Quest Systems, a well-known manufacturer of customer desiccant dehumidifiers, large refrigerant dehumidifiers, large refrigerant dehumidifier and portable air conditioners, Chuck has turned attention to training others how to utilize “big” equipment for “big” jobs with his vast knowledge and education. He is an incredibly hands on instructor.

Chuck has been a speaker at the Dri-Eaz Restorative Drying Symposiums, the Water Loss Institute, ASCR National, The Experience Conferences, Connections East and DRC Canada. He has dried over 3,000,000 sq.ft, hundreds of thousands of books and documents, and designed permanent systems for various manufacturing and storage projects his 29 year career as an Application Engineer.

Chuck has an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. His career spanned many years with large well-known companies, before building Air Quest Systems from the group up.

TESA Directive are excited to have Chuck as part of our team teaching IICRC approved Water Restoration Technician courses and IICRC approved Commercial Drying Specialist Technician courses.

Meet Our Instructors

Mark Cornelius

Water Restoration | Applied Microbial Remediation | Fire and Smoke Restoration | Odour Control | Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up

Mark began his career in the cleaning and restoration industry in 1982 when he was just thirteen years old. He began working in the carpet cleaning field and has continued in this industry for over thirty five years. Mark literally grew up in the restoration industry holding various positions within several companies including Vice President of one restoration firm where he was employed for eleven years.

Passionate for learning and sharing knowledge he became an IICRC approved instructor in 2007 and is now certified to train the IICRC approved Applied Microbial Remediation, Water Restoration, Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odour Control, Carpet Cleaning, Health and Safety equivalent OSHA 10 & 30 hour and Forensics Cleaning classes. Mark has also written and teaches his own Trauma/Bio hazard cleaning course. He was a contract instructor for a large equipment manufacturer traveling the US & Canada for almost three years.

Mark founded Emergency Mitigation Technician Academy (EMTA), an approved IICRC school, in 2014 authoring all curriculum and presentations with safety as the core fundamental throughout.

Mark founded Disaster Recovery Industries, Inc. in 2001, and it is not unusual to still find him getting his hands dirty and his feet wet in the field, performing hands on work in all aspects of the industry; structural drying, carpet cleaning, fire/smoke cleanup, mould remediation and industry consulting. In addition to this Mark travels internationally and across the USA teaching hundreds of students every year, including many private classes and consulting. Mark’s training school, EMTA, has two instructors on staff and will be welcoming the addition of three more in the near future.

Mark’s unique combination of qualifications include:

    • IICRC triple master in Water, Fire and Textile;
    • Volunteer NPQ 1 Fire Fighter since 2004;
    • EMT-Intermediate since 2008;
    • NPQ-level-1 fire instructor; and
    • He was one of the first people in the world to obtain the ANSI accredited IICRC MRS (Mould Remediation Specialist) certification as well as participating in the Beta testing for the exam process for the exam.

In addition to the above qualifications, Mark has served on the IICRC OCT, FSRT and Trauma Technical Advisory Committees, as well on the Board of Directors for eleven of his thirteen years with his fire department.

Mark will be instructing the IICRC approved Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician courses, IICRC approved Odour Control Technician courses, IICRC approved Water Restoration Technician courses and the IICRC approved Applied Microbial Remediation Technician courses for TESA Directive.

Meet Our Instructors

Charlie Lodge

Carpet Cleaning | Health and Safety

Charlie comes from an engineering background, working in this field prior to making the decision to make the move into the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. He is both well respected and known within the industry and is well placed to share the knowledge he has gained from his thirty plus years of practical experience

His personal experience in the remediation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories is heading up the decontamination of over twenty laboratories throughout New Zealand and Australia. Charlie sought out and has received training in both New Zealand and the U.S.A. in this field.

His work has led him to collaborate in close liaison with a leading New Zealand Forensic Scientist, who specialises in Methamphetamine residual testing. This has allowed Charlie a further insight into the Methamphetamine drug clean up scene that many would not be privy to.

With a passion for learning, Charlie has received formal qualifications in carpet cleaning, odour control, carpet repair and installation, floor care technician, upholstery and fabric cleaning, occupational health and safety, mould remediation, rug cleaning, leather care, fire and smoke, water damage restoration and colour repair. He has also completed specialized training in adult education and achieved a qualification in Workplace Training and Assessment in both New Zealand and Australia.

As well as being one of the founding members of the Carpet Cleaners Association of New Zealand, he also holds both IICRC Master Cleaner and IICRC Master Fire and Smoke Restorer status, and is an IICRC Certified Instructor in CCT, UFT, HST and FCT. a further insight into the Methamphetamine drug clean up scene that many would not be privy to.

Charlie has been an IICRC Certified Instructor teaching in Australia and New Zealand since 2001.

TESA Directive look forward to having Charlie instruct our IICRC approved Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal courses, IICRC approved Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician courses and our IICRC approved Health and Safety courses.

Meet Our Instructors

Brad Prezant

Methamphetamine Laboratory Remediation | Methamphetamine Laboratory Inspection | Mould and Bacterial Sampling | Fentanyl and Grown House | Applied Microbial Remediation

Brad Prezant is a Certified Occupational Hygienist, public health scientist and epidemiology expert with 35 years of experience assessing indoor environments for a variety of concerns including mould, moisture, methamphetamine, asbestos, lead and indoor air quality.

He is an author and contributor to many international published technical articles addressing issues of mould, moisture and building contamination and was the chief editor of the AIHA 2008 bestseller, “Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Indoor Mold”.

Throughout his teaching career in the US (1982-2006) Brad and his company Prezant Associates taught more than 70,000 professionals worldwide to understand asbestos, hazardous materials, and mould in the built environment. A qualified teacher who loves combining his interest of people with his passion for science, Brad has a way of making complex scientific principles easy to understand.

Brad currently sits as the Vice-President (Practice) of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). He maintains familiarity with international research and best practice as it relates to contamination in the built environment.

Brad has been involved in assessing clandestine laboratories since 1992 and was involved in some of the first comprehensive assessments in Washington State (U.S.). He has been a featured speaker at relevant occupational health conferences on the topic of proper assessment techniques for clandestine drug laboratories.

TESA Directive are excited to have Brad assist in instructing the IICRC approved Applied Microbial Remediation Technician courses as well as the TESA Directive Clandestine Chemistry Remediation courses, TESA Directive Clandestine Chemistry Testing courses and TESA Directive Mould and Bacteria Sampling courses.

Meet Our Instructors

Nate Seward

Water Restoration | Applied Microbial Remediation

Mr Nate Seward is Principal Engineer/Hygienist and owner of Premier Environmental Consulting, a division of Criterion Environmental, Inc. Nate obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 19996. 

Prior to starting Criterion Environmental in 2001, he provided various environmental engineering and consulting services for numerous over overseas air force bases, high-security government projects and various commercial/industrial projects. 

Nate is also the owner and National Training Director of The Academy of Textiles & Flooring Academy (The Academy), a prestigious technical and specialised restoration school.  He has been providing training since 1973 in numerous categories within restoration, inspection and environmental abatement industries.  Some of the certification courses currently being offered include but are not limited to; water damage restoration, fire/smoke, mould & sewage cleanup. 

Nate is an IICRC approved instructor for IICRC Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) and TESA Directive are happy to announce he will be an instructor for us in these categories.