TESA Directive Methamphetamine Laboratory Inspection Course

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Our TESA Directive Methamphetamine Laboratory Inspection Course provides students with the training and knowledge they required to successfully perform their role to the highest level of industry standards. By completing this course you will obtain TESA Certification.

Methamphetamine is a cheap and straightforward drug to manufacture.  As a result, this industry has grown in Australia over the last decade and impacted to the wider community. 

Increased spread of Methamphetamine has led to two distinct issues for cleaners and remediators.  The first and most significant are properties that have been used to manufacture the drug. While the second are properties known, or suspected, to have had the drug smoked on the premises. 

This Course has been put together to cater for those wishing to get into the inspection side of the industry.  It is also a good resource for remediators and cleaners wishing to understand the reports and processes. A lot goes into developing a scope of works or works plan for these type of jobs.

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The TESA Directive Methamphetamine Laboratory Inspector Course has been developed in accordance with the Australian State and Federal Government Guidelines for Methamphetamine laboratories, as well as those the New Zealand Federal Government Guidelines, another government forced to deal with this issue.

The course focusses on the entire inspection process from first attendance, to making important sampling and observations decision, to finally developing a comprehensive and yet accessible scope of works.

  • Learn about risk minimisation strategies
  • The different methods of testing illegal drug contaminated properties – the pros, cons, limitations and applications of each method
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
  • Understand the procedures to decontaminate a meth lab
  • Learn how to create a remediation action plan and manage a project
  • Understand the science of clandestine chemistry
  • Understand how contaminants spread through properties
  • Understand the techniques involved in remediation and how to  minimise issues
  • Understand how the chemicals involved in clandestine laboratories affects different materials and when remediation is an option and when it is best to replace building materials
  • Understand the safety aspect of completing a remediation project

Course graduates will complete the course with a thorough understanding of the risks associated with meth labs, and how to market this very specialised service to ensure you gain work in this field.

The TESA Directive Meth Lab Inspection Course is the beginning of a learning journey to become a true expert in dealing with complex drug-affected properties.

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