TESA Directive Fentanyl & Growhouse Remediation Course

marijuana in grow house

Our TESA Directive Fentanyl & Growhouse Remediation Technician Course provides students with the training and knowledge they required to successfully perform their role to the highest level of industry standards. By completing this course you will obtain TESA Certification.

In recent years the US and Canada have seen a rise in the abuse of opioid medication.  Some are calling it an epidemic, with tens of thousands of people losing their lives due to opioids.

One such opioid is Fentanyl and it’s becoming a problem in Australia too.  Inquiries have increased for drug labs inspection or remediation where the client suspects Fentanyl may be present. 

Another drug manufacturing set-up that is increasing in need for experienced cleaners and remediators, is the ‘Grow House’.  These are large scale cannabis production houses. Often designed to look like normal houses from the outside but are filled with plants and equipment inside.  These set-ups present a number of issues for remediators. Frequently the house’s services have been significantly, and dangerously, altered to accommodate extra electrical and water requirements. 

This course has been designed to introduce the core principles in dealing with these situations, as they often present together.

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The TESA Directive Fentanyl and Grow House Course has been designed for remediators, with or without experience in the remediation of other drug lab setups, to provide them with the information to adequately, and above all safely, remediate properties impacted by these two issues.  The content for this course has been divided into parts the reflect the two differing topics. 

One day will focus on topics associated with the presence of Fentanyl:

  • History and Use of the Drug
  • The Problem as it exists
  • The duties / Protections of First responders
  • PPE
  • Remediation Process

While the other day is devoted to Grow House Remediation issues:

  • The process of growing the crop
  • Common changes to property
  • Common encounters in any drug lab property
  • Dealing with the hazards of the previous tenants
  • Requirement for returning the property to a habitable state.

Upon completion of the TESA Directive Fentanyl and Grow House Course, students will be equipped with skills to begin factoring this emerging industry into their suite of services and take advantage before the up-swing of competition.

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